CFTA Negotiations

CFTA Negotiations

Launch of the National Committee for the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) Negotiations: Statement by Dr. Okechukwu E. Enelamah, Honourable Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigeria April 20th 2017

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2015 Africa Industrialisation Day

2015 Africa Industrialisation Day

Members of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Council (TUC) and IndustriALL Global Union demostrated at the 2015 Africa Industrialisation Day

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1st Official Day in Office

1st Day in Office

The Honourable Minister; Dr. Okechukwu E. Enelamah and the Honourable Minister of State; Mrs Aisha Abubakar received a warm welcome as they official resumed office

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1st Official Day in Office

FMITI Vision Statement

Our Vision at the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment is to promote economic growth, create jobs and generate wealth

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The Department was formally known as Policy, Standard, Research and Statistics Department (PSRS) but it is now known as Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics Department (PPR&S).

The functions of PPR&S Department are to formulate and ensure smooth implementation of programmes/activities of the Ministry as well as its research and statistics activities.  It also coordinates the monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIS) and capital projects to ensure that they meet the set targets, specifications, standards, and ultimately value for money.



The Department has an approved structure with 3 Division namely:  

i) Policy and Planning,

ii) Research and Statistics, and

iii) ICT. 

Policy and Planning Division has been divided into two, each with a Deputy Director as head.

The Research and Statistics Division has three branches namely:

 Research

 Statistics; and

 Library

The ICT Unit also remains under the Research and Statistics Division.


 Coordinates and designs the annual work plan and programme of the Ministry;

 Undertakes and conducts research into all areas of Trade, Industry and Investment;

 Oversees data management of the  Ministry;

 Coordinates Boards of Parastatals and other Boards the Ministry is represented on;

 Transmits Government views and Policies to the various Departments and to the Ministry’s Agencies;

 Handles Federal Executive Council Matters;

 Secretariat of the Nigeria Country programme of UNIDO;

 Coordinates collaboration with International Organisations and Serves as focal Department for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), etc;

 Coordinates the National Council on Industry, Trade and Investment (NCITI);

 Monitors and evaluates capital projects of the Ministry and its Agencies;

 Coordinates Bilateral and Multilateral Meetings;

 Publishes statutory publications, including annual reports, Compendium, etc; 

 Collates, computes and updates technical and Industrial data and,

 Handles all computer and networking matters and 

 Coordinates the activities of the other Departments;

 African Regional Centre for Engineering Design and Manufacture (ARCEDEM) matters;

 Liaises with National Planning Commission 

 Coordinates the Africa Industrialisation day;

 Prepares the capital budget of the Ministry;

 Coordinates the meetings of the Honourable Minister(s) with the Permanent Secretary, Directors and CEOs of Agencies



i) UNIDO Retreat for Directors of the Ministry and CEOs of Parastatals

ii) Meeting of the National Council on Industry, Trade and Investment (NCIT)

iii) Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators of the Ministry and Agencies

iv) African Industrialization Day (AID)

v) Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry’s Capital Projects.


"No nation grows without developing and expanding its productive base, the current administration will strive to create a conducive environment for domestic and foreign trade and investment, especially focused on the non-oil economy. We are committed to improving the ease of doing business in our country. We will pursue our industrial policy learning from our own experiences and that of others. We will continue to partner with other countries and international organizations like WTO to achieve win-win economic growth and improve the welfare of our people."

Dr. Okechukwu E. Enelamah speaking at the 4th WTO China Accession Roundtable

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