…Accurate Measurements for Equity and Quality Living

…Building a firm weights & measures administration of international repute.
The Department of Weights and Measures, Nigeria is striving to become one of the world’s leading legal metrology agencies through:-
     Ensuring that all commercial transactions involving the use of weights and measures are accurate, fair and legal.
     Training and re- training of our staff to carry out verification and calibration of weighing and measuring instruments at the highest level of accuracy.
     Encouragement of creative ideas of researchers and support in their research activities.
     Encourage competition among businesses.
     Strengthen national and international collaborations.
     Exploring measurement technologies for our emerging industries such as ultra precision measurement etc.
     Collaborative research with Universities and industries.
     Communication and partnerships with metrological organizations locally and internationally

To ensure that all commercial transactions involving measurement are fair, accurate and legal with a view to protecting the consumers and encouraging competition among businesses.

To become one of the leading national legal metrology agencies IN THE WORLD and contributing to the realisation of the objectives of the programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The traditional system of Weights and Measures was applied in trade transactions before the introduction of colonial rule in Nigeria. However, in 1917, the traditional system of weights and measures was replaced by the Imperial System of Measurement by an ordinance promulgated by the then Governor General, Lord Lugard. The Ordinance gave the power of enforcing weights and measures laws to the Nigeria Police Force. The Police THOUGH were  overwhelmed by the responsibilities of enforcing weights and measures laws due to the increasing security challenges in the country.
 in 1960, the Federal Government established the Weights & Measures Division in the then Federal Ministry of Commerce & Industry in accordance with one of the recommendations of the Commission set up to probe the export of short weight graded cocoa bean.
The then Division of Weights and Measures WAS UPGRADED TO the Department of Weights and Measures in 2010 following the approval of the Federal Executive Council, and the subsequent appointment of a director.


Weights and Measures administration in Nigeria derives its power(s) from certain laws (Acts) and regulations. Suffice it to say that Weights and Measures is item 65 on the Exclusive Legislative List of the Second Schedule to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These laws and regulations include:

i.    Weights and Measures Act Cap W3 Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (formerly Cap 467 LFN 1990);
ii.    Weights and Measures (Standardisation of Indigenous Measures) Regulation 1992 (as amended in 2000);
iii.    Pre-shipment Inspection of Export Act Cap P25, LFN 2004; and
iv.      Weights and Measures Service Fees Regulation   2010 as amended.
v.         Weights and Measures (Replacement of  Fifth schedule) order, 2012 (FRN 
          Official gazette No.25 16th April, 2012.
vi.         Automated Teller machine/cash dispenser and note counting Machine
           Regulations, 2014. (FRN official gazette No. 133) 5th November, 2014.
vii.      Telecommunication system clock, Time, Date Synchronization Total Metering
           and Billing and data usage Regulations, 2014.
viii.    Oil and Gas Transfer Guidelines (FRN official Gazette No. 136, 10th
          November, 2014.

Legal metrology is concerned with measurements where these influence the transparency of economic transactions, particularly where there is a requirement for legal verification of the measuring instrument. The Department of Weights and Measures enforces all legal metrology laws in Nigeria by virtue of the fact that the law confers on it the custody of Primary Standards of Measurement.
 Metrology in Everyday life:
•    The wealth of nations depends upon the ability to manufacture and trade precisely made and tested products and components.
•    Trade between countries often involve huge amounts of money, therefore a small error in measurement of, for example, flow rates and quantities of oil and gas can represent a significant amount of money.
•    Economic globalisation often requires that individual parts of complex engineered structures are manufactured in different countries. Metrology ensures that these parts fit together when the final system is assembled.
•    Human health depends on our ability to make accurate diagnoses requiring measurements, for example determining the level of cholesterol in blood.
•    Breath analysers are used to measure alcohol levels in the body.
•    Consumers need to trust the volume delivered by a petrol pump.


 The main activity of Weights and Measures Administration centres on the verification of the accuracy of weighing and measuring instruments used in trade and business transactions to promote consumer confidence and protection from unwholesome acts.

1.    Custody and care of Nigeria’s Primary Standards of Measurement of mass and length, which is traceable to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).
2.    Verification of pre-packed goods such as cement, rice, soap etc for net content
3.    Issuance of certificate and evaluation of type/pattern approval for manufactured and imported weighing and measuring equipment.
4.    Represents the country at the international legal metrology forum such as the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML).
5.    Calibration of volume measuring equipment used at the oil export terminals to ensure that the quantity of oil exported is accurately known.
6.    Development and implementation of indigenous measures for trade in grains and liquid food items.
7.    Training and Issuance of certificate of competence for users of weighing and measuring equipment used for trade.
8.    In the teaching of science subjects in secondary and tertiary institutions

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